Professional Teeth Whitening in Mill Valley, CA

Want to show off a bright, white confident smile? You'll notice the confidence boost right away with professional teeth whitening services! Strawberry Village Dental Care offers professional teeth whitening with OpalescenceⓇ and Glo™ in Mill Valley, CA. Both advanced whitening systems are highly concentrated, ultra-effective, and offer both in-office and take-home whitening options for your convenience!

Glo™ Teeth Whitening in Mill Valley, CA

before and after look at teeth whitening services offered at Strawberry Village Dental CareGlo whitening is often considered to be the most advanced tooth whitening system available today. Teeth whitening with this system can result in a dramatically whiter smile in just half an hour!

Glo whitening stands for “Guided Light Optics." The Glo technique uses the combined power of heat and light to activate a special whitening gel after it has been applied to your teeth. Patients often see their smiles become 5 shades whiter after just one Glo treatment! When you select Glo teeth whitening, our dentists will send you home with your own whitening system to help you maintain your results from home, offering the convenience of at-home whitening along with professional results of in-office whitening treatment.

Is Glo Teeth Whitening Right For Me?

If you’ve tooth sensitivity or even pain during teeth whitening, our dentists may recommend the Glo whitening system has been designed to reduce tooth sensitivity. The unique whitening gel is alcohol and carbamide peroxide-free and, in most cases, causes little to no sensitivity during treatment.

Most of our patients experience no discomfort while Glo teeth whitening works to reduce appearance of tooth stains caused by coffee, red wine, and tea.

OpalescenceⓇ Teeth Whitening in Mill Valley, CA

At Strawberry Village Dental, we want to help each patient create their best smile. For patients seeking a whiter smile, our dentists are proud to offer Ultradent’s Opalescence Take-Home Whitening Kits.

Opalescence® whitening gel works through its active ingredient, carbamide peroxide, which breaks down to hydrogen peroxide, the active bleaching agent that eliminates stains from your teeth. Opalescence® whitening gel is available in multiple concentrations, and our dentist will help you select the best one for your goals and oral health needs!

If you’re an ideal candidate for Ultradent’s Opalescence® teeth whitening system, our Mill Valley dental team will create customized trays that ensure an even application of whitening gel. You can opt for convenient take-home whitening is convenient, allowing you to whiten your teeth from wherever you are! With your custom trays, you can maintain your results for years to come. The team at Strawberry Village Dental Care are happy to order refills of whitening gel for you at any time.

Is Opalescence® Teeth Whitening Right For Me?

Teeth whitening with Opalescence is safe and tolerated well for most patients. Most of our patients who have good oral health and are not pregnant are excellent candidates for achieving a whiter smile with Opalescence.

Schedule Your Teeth Whitening Consultation Today!

If you have questions about selecting the best teeth whitening system for you, contact our office today! A whitening consultation is the perfect way to have your questions answered about transforming your smile with Opalescence or Glo.

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